Thanksgiving Day Disc Golf

Every year I go out on Thanksgiving day early for a round of disc golf down at Morley Field. I go early as then I have the rest of the day to help out and get ready for the traditional family thing. I try to drag the kids out with me as well to help Courtney have some space, but they don’t always cooperate.

At any rate, here it is:

Thanksgiving Day
Approx. 7:30am
Morley Field

I know it is early, but get over it. If you need directions go the Morley Field web site or do what I do:

Take 8 to Texas st and follow that all the way into the park. There is a small jog at University, but essentially, Texas st will take you straight into the Bud Kearns Pool. When you can’t go any further, make the small U-turn and turn into the parking lot on your right. Follow that and go out the other side of the parking lot and make an immediate right turn and head back towards the baseball fields and archery course. Park at the far end of the parking lot. The disc golf course is past the archery course or you can call my cell if you get lost at this point. Essentially, follow the dirt path out into the field and walk towards the fenced in tree area. Go through the gate and you should be looking at the snack bar where you pay to play. Hole 1 is on the other side of the building.
If the gate is closed and you can’t get back to the back parking lot, follow the park around through a couple of stop signs until you merge back onto Pershing Dr. Just ahead on the right you can pull into the parking lot. Mostly dirt, so bring your hiking tires. I would not recommend parking near the edges on the asphalt. Your car may get hit by a disc.

You can rent discs at the pro shop and the fee is $5 to play all day plus $1.50 or something like that to rent a disc.

This is a rain or shine event – unless it is storming, but I have played in a heavy mist/rain before. It only adds to the fun.