Somebody Else’s Trash – Doing something nice for no reason

Person throwing trash into trash canThe other day I was driving home from work when I saw something really cool. I know this happens all over the place, but I rarely see it actually happen. I was waiting at a stop light and I glanced over to watch someone who had just crossed the street. They were walking and suddenly veered towards the edge of the street. They stopped, bent down and picked up some trash laying in the gutter. What!?!?!

I watched this person pick up several pieces of trash which were clearly not theirs, walk even more out of their way to take the trash to a trash can in front of a store and continue walking. I almost got out and started clapping. I wanted this person to know that someone had seen their selfless act, acknowledged it, and vowed to do the same thing the next time I face a similar situation. It reminded me that I could do better myself at picking up random trash. Every little bit helps and at least I would know that I was doing my part.

How many times have you walked by some trash thinking – “I wish people would take care of their trash”. How many times have you then thought about picking it up or doing something about it. I guess this might be a pet peeve of mine, but people should pick up after themselves. It makes me sad to see people not care about the trash they accidentally drop or that they don’t stop to pick it up when it misses the trash can or blows off their table. It drives me absolutely nuts to see someone drop a cigarette butt out of the car or to flick it off to the side while walking. I will be honest, I don’t like smoking, but I also don’t really have a problem with people who choose to smoke. I do have a problem with people who choose to litter.

Next time you see some trash, pick it up. Maybe someone will see you doing it. Maybe they will pick up some trash. Its a small gesture, but at least you know you are helping and not hurting.

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