XFS File System Tweaks for Performance

Official Linux Logo - PenguinRan into an XFS issue the other day and after some searching and testing found a solution that almost doubled my performance with regards to write speeds. Shortly after, I needed to do the same thing on another system and couldn’t find the info and couldn’t find the steps in the history on the first server. I finally tracked down the info again to increase performance on Linux when using XFS file system.

It all started when I was having issues backup up my VMWare esxi box using a script. The script would time out on rotating the images and never finish. All the info pointed to an issue with journal based file systems and nfs. I switched to xfs and the problem remained. I tried everything and looked everywhere to fix the issue. Then I tried doing straight write performance tests and noticed the write speeds were horrendous. I was getting something like 40Mb/s on the actual box and about 35 Mb/s over nfs. Once I created the file system and mounted it with some different options, those same speeds went to about 75-80Mb/s on the box and ~70Mb/s over nfs. Problem solved.

From http://www.kernel-panik.com/wordpress/2008/01/14/xfs-filesystem-performance-tweaking-on-linux/:

Create xfs filesystem with a 64 megabyte log
# mkfs.xfs -f -l size=64m /dev/hda3

Mount filesystem with 8 log buffers, and atime and diratime disabled
# mount -o noatime,nodiratime,logbufs=8 /dev/hda3 /mnt/gentoo/

These simple tweaks do help! specially on large RAID partitions

Read the man pages for more on the options but it is pretty self explanatory. There are more options if you want to tune to your specific RAID array, however, I didn’t want to go that deep.

For more info on the actual statistics and tests for these changes, see the following article:


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Somebody Else’s Trash – Doing something nice for no reason

Person throwing trash into trash canThe other day I was driving home from work when I saw something really cool. I know this happens all over the place, but I rarely see it actually happen. I was waiting at a stop light and I glanced over to watch someone who had just crossed the street. They were walking and suddenly veered towards the edge of the street. They stopped, bent down and picked up some trash laying in the gutter. What!?!?!

I watched this person pick up several pieces of trash which were clearly not theirs, walk even more out of their way to take the trash to a trash can in front of a store and continue walking. I almost got out and started clapping. I wanted this person to know that someone had seen their selfless act, acknowledged it, and vowed to do the same thing the next time I face a similar situation. It reminded me that I could do better myself at picking up random trash. Every little bit helps and at least I would know that I was doing my part.

How many times have you walked by some trash thinking – “I wish people would take care of their trash”. How many times have you then thought about picking it up or doing something about it. I guess this might be a pet peeve of mine, but people should pick up after themselves. It makes me sad to see people not care about the trash they accidentally drop or that they don’t stop to pick it up when it misses the trash can or blows off their table. It drives me absolutely nuts to see someone drop a cigarette butt out of the car or to flick it off to the side while walking. I will be honest, I don’t like smoking, but I also don’t really have a problem with people who choose to smoke. I do have a problem with people who choose to litter.

Next time you see some trash, pick it up. Maybe someone will see you doing it. Maybe they will pick up some trash. Its a small gesture, but at least you know you are helping and not hurting.

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In Rememberance: Elizabeth Eloise Lanier

GiGi with the kidsIt has been 2 years since my grandmother passed away. Today is her birthday and she would have been 89 years old. Two years ago she was in a hospital with suffering from quick onset Leukimia and had ten days left to live although we didn’t know it at the time. Today my family and I went to her gravesite to say hi. My daughter asked about it and I had already been thinking about it. Of all the kids, she is the only one old enough to have formed strong memories. Gabe had just turned 3 and Nate was only 5mos old when she passed.

At her funeral, I was able to do what I hadn’t been able to do when my grandfather passed away – stand up and say what she meant to me and those around me. When my grandfather passed, it was quick and unexpected as well. Never got a chance to say goodbye and regret that I never told him how I felt about him. I know he knew, but I never said it and that bothers me. With my grandma, I did get the chance in a way to say goodbye, although we thought she was beating it so the end was kind of sudden. In the end, she passed peacefully, surrounded by her family and close friends.

I tell my daughter all the time, the best way to remember GiGi (great grandma) is to try and live life like she did. My grandmother was a beacon of shinning light: always happy and never a mean thing to say. She was/is the best role model you could hope to have for in every way, she was simply great. No other way to really explain it. To know her was to be her friend and if you didn’t know her than you missed out on something really special. The things she still did up until the last month or so put me to shame in terms of the level of enthusiasm and energy.

Her passing has left a hole in our lives that has yet to be filled. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her and try to be more like her. Rest in peace Grandma – know that you are missed here and loved everywhere.

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8th Annual Disc Golf Turkey Shoot!

Ok, 8th annual may not be accurate as I lost track some time ago. It has been about 8yrs or so that I go out on Thanksgiving day early for a round of disc golf down at Morely Field. I go early as then I have the rest of the day to help out and get ready for the traditional family thing. I try to drag the kids out with me as well to help Courtney have some space, but they don’t always cooperate. Continue reading

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Do or Do not, there is no try!

I keep wanting to setup my site to make it easier for me to use, but honestly, after working on the computer all day for everyone else, the last thing I usually want to do when I get free time is work on the computer.

So my site sat vacant and needing attention for close to 2yrs now and I always tell myself that I will try to find time tomorrow. Well, here I am 2yrs later and look at what trying got me.

Today is my birthday and I decided that I would start making some changes that I keep talking about making. This site is one of them. I also went to the gym for the first time in about 5 months and boy do I feel older after that.

At any rate, this site is going to be a home for me to store snippets of information that I find and then lose in my email or on a scrap of paper. Things related to what I find interesting as well as rants and what not. Its my little corner of the internet and I can do what I want.

And don’t worry, I will eventually trade out the standard wordpress theme for something a little more me. For now, I would rather work on content and get in the habit of posting content first.

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