8th Annual Disc Golf Turkey Shoot!

Ok, 8th annual may not be accurate as I lost track some time ago. It has been about 8yrs or so that I go out on Thanksgiving day early for a round of disc golf down at Morely Field. I go early as then I have the rest of the day to help out and get ready for the traditional family thing. I try to drag the kids out with me as well to help Courtney have some space, but they don’t always cooperate. Continue reading

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Do or Do not, there is no try!

I keep wanting to setup my site to make it easier for me to use, but honestly, after working on the computer all day for everyone else, the last thing I usually want to do when I get free time is work on the computer.

So my site sat vacant and needing attention for close to 2yrs now and I always tell myself that I will try to find time tomorrow. Well, here I am 2yrs later and look at what trying got me.

Today is my birthday and I decided that I would start making some changes that I keep talking about making. This site is one of them. I also went to the gym for the first time in about 5 months and boy do I feel older after that.

At any rate, this site is going to be a home for me to store snippets of information that I find and then lose in my email or on a scrap of paper. Things related to what I find interesting as well as rants and what not. Its my little corner of the internet and I can do what I want.

And don’t worry, I will eventually trade out the standard wordpress theme for something a little more me. For now, I would rather work on content and get in the habit of posting content first.

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